How do I complete my purchase?



Scan the QR code and select UnionPay or WeChat Pay. After entering your fuel amount, confirm your purchase and you can now pay for your fuel.

扫描二维码,使用微信支付或银联付款,获取Esso™和Mobil™电子 付款码后,就可以用来支付加油金额

What does the station attendant need to do?



The station attendant will not need to do anything new. Once you have made your purchase by scanning the QR code, and selecting your payment wallet, the attendant will process the payment by scanning the bar code to complete the transaction.


Who should I call if I have an issue or questions about how to access my balance or transaction?



Contact the OTT help desk at 1-800-688-9838


How can I pre-pay?



You can pre-pay an amount in-store, but you will only be charged based on what is used. The remaining balance will remain in your digital wallet.


What happens if a balance remains?



You will have the option to re-use any un-used balances the next time you refuel.

您可以使用余额进行后续消费。请您收藏该链接,将付款码保存到 OTT Web App中,保存该链接以供以后再次使用

How long would it take to complete a purchase transaction with this new method?



A transaction should take no more than 20 seconds.


What happens if I enter an amount that is lower than the fuel amount? How else can I complete the balance of the transaction?



If you would like to purchase more than your fuel amount, you can make a purchase through a separate transaction. You can buy as a credit in your digital wallet or choose to pay your balance with another payment method (e.g. credit card, cash, debit).


What is the maximum amount I can purchase?



The maximum purchase is $200 per transaction.


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