Helping Businesses Connect

to a Cashless World

At OTT Pay, we are working to change the way people interact with money, as well as how they transact with your business. We make it easy for your customers to buy from you: when, where and how they want to.


OTT Pay provides fast, secure, and cost-effective digital payment solutions that integrate seamlessly in-store and online, making your life easier and creating value for your business.


We design tailored solutions to offer fast, convenient, and secure payment options for your customers, as well as an outstanding global experience.


OTT Pay innovates and adapts its payments technology solutions to suit your needs according to the economic and social context.

Easy Integration

We make it easy for your business to incorporate OTT’s services. Setup is quick and easy, saving you time and getting you to collect transactions immediately!

Industry Leader

As a leading payment provider in Canada, OTT Pay serves thousands of businesses across the country and connects them to new markets and consumers.

Access New Markets

From social media strategy to local and international branding, OTT Pay offers a variety of tailored marketing solutions for global consumers 

Ready for Digital Payments? OTT Pay is the Right Payments Partner for You

According to Statista, the digital payments transaction value in Canada for 2020 was expected to reach C$74.7M—with over 26.1M users—and will reach a projected total amount of C$136M by 2024. The digital payments market is growing, as more Canadian businesses and customers are seeing the benefits of this method of payment, especially in the current pandemic context.   But as much as mobile payments are easy to use, getting started can be intimidating. Luckily, OTT Pay is here to help merchants and their customers navigate this new ecosystem and get them started quickly and efficiently....

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Unlocking the Chinese Market in Canada with OTT Pay

Retail in China looks completely different from any retail we know here in North America. Mobile payments accounting for four out of every five transactions thanks to innovative applications WeChat. This app is so ingrained in Chinese culture, nearly 90% of citizens use it, and many young people have never used cash in their lifetimes. This provides a massive opportunity for companies to participate in the Chinese market, whether it be here in Canada, or internationally via eCommerce. Today’s guest is Martin McCann,  Chief Growth Officer at OTT PAY. We have an interesting conversation about...

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